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Nicotine Salt vape

Eboattimes New Arrival 240mah Minibar CH disposable vape electronic cigarette

Size: 74*20.2*11.7mm

Atomizer Capacity: 1.0-1.1ml

Battery Capacity: 240mah

Material: Plastic

Flavor: Tobacco, Mint, Mango, Green Bean paste, Tomato Sauce

Salt Nicotine: 3%/5% (30mg/50mg)

Mouthful: 300-350puffs

Color: Green/white/Yellow/Black//Red

Type: Flat Shape,Prefilled/Empty

LED Light: Blue

    1. Oragnic cotton coil, offer purest and better vaping experience 
    2. Closed pod system design with 1.0-1.1ml capacity, childproof and leakproof
    3. Five poular colors for your option
    4. Fashionable flat shape, delicate appearance, cool hand feeling
    5. Mini pocket size, easy to carry and use everywhere

    6. OEM welcomed, custom logo , colors and packagings according to your requirements

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