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Nicotine Salt vape

Eboattimes Wholesale 1.3ml salt nicotine flavor Minibar AL e cigarette Pod vape pen

Size: 102*20*10.5mm
Atomizer Capacity: 1.3ml
Battery Capacity: 280mah
Material: Metal+Plastic
Flavor: Tobacco, Mint, Mango, Green Bean paste, Tomato Sauce
Salt Nicotine: 3%/5% (30mg/50mg)
Mouthful: 350puffs
Color: Green/GreyYellow/Dark Green/Red
Package: Single PP bag,Small Box,Diaplay Box
Type: Flat Shape,Prefilled/Empty
LED Light: Blue

    1.New generation ORGANIC COTTON coil , provides more authentic and original vaping experience 
    2.PCTG atomizer tank , chemical resistant ,best fit for salt nicotine flavor 
    3.Pod system mini vape , free feeling , portable  

    4.Suitable for Brand Customization , New market explore  

    5.Premium quality , wholesale price 

    Pictures of Minibar:

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